Pollutant monitoring

We guarantee a complete monitoring of harmful substances with a process documented in writing. This multi-level precautionary concept includes both the systematic evaluation of our suppliers and the detailed sequence of chemical tests. The process varies, depending on the type of material used. It is illustrated below, using leather as an example. However, we also test all other materials that are used, such as jewellery parts, laces, elastic bands, and even packaging material.
The testing process also extends to finished shoes, shafts and licensed products.

  1. The leathers we use always come from renowned tanneries with verifiably high standards.
  2. Each type of leather is tested and certified for harmful substances before being approved for use in our production. We have set ourselves the voluntary goal of complying with the particularly strict standards and thresholds of cads. (We are co-founders of the association cads e.V. cads is an initiative for the avoidance of harmful substances in footwear materials that provides manufacturers and suppliers with the necessary knowledge to avoid the use of harmful substances.)
  3. Our own leather inspectors check the hides in the tanneries before shipping, and they clearly mark them. This ensures that only those leathers approved by our leather inspectors are later processed in the Gabor factories.
  4. We always carry out tests before, during and after production exclusively at renowned test institutes and in accordance with recognised test methods.
  5. The frequency of the tests varies, depending on the stage in the production process: Each type of leather is tested before production. The materials are only approved for production, once the test report is available. During and after production, additional random tests are carried out.

We have developed this comprehensive product safety system because we are aware of our responsibility towards consumers and employees. Our goal is to produce shoes that are safe for our wearers' health and safe for the environment. That is why we make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance.

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