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Shoes are fantastic - they are so much more than just a fashion item! And far more than their mere function. Shoes reflect the character of a personality and the momentary mood. They make a fashion statement. A spontaneous inspiration. A gift one can only give oneself. Gabor stands for instantly intriguing women's shoes that you will always love, even after a thousand steps. Satisfying the highest fashion standards. With fits and comfort features that guarantee a unique feeling of well-being. With sterling quality, both regarding the materials and the workmanship.

We have cultivated this passion for more than 100 years. And every day, we do our best to ensure that you can wear our shoes with the same joy with which we have manufactured them. Welcome to Gabor.


Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2021/2022

We make products for women who are not just looking for any shoe. But want to find your favorite shoe. High-quality. Honest. Durable. Fair and sustainably produced. No throw-away products, but loyal companions.

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Product lines

The Gabor brand is made up of three product lines. Gabor Fashion, which represents the latest international fashion trends – in ladies' shoes, which offer wearing comfort like no other. Gabor Comfort line shoes, which complement the fashion aspects with additional, exclusive features. And our bag collection, which gives new meaning to the term "wearing Gabor".

The product line Gabor fashion

Trendy fashion and top quality, in material and processing!

Product highlights

The special Gabor package

The product line Gabor comfort

Gabor comfort. Shoe dreams coming true.

Product highlights

The special Gabor package

The product line Gabor bags

Gabor Bags in All Variations

Crown your outfit – with the Gabor bag collection. Whether it's a spacious shopper, casual shoulder bag, trendy handbag or an elegant clutch: Gabor bags are an eye-catcher for every occasion. Elegant details, trendy design and high-quality materials make our handbags an absolute must-have for fashionistas. Discover your favourite bag now!

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