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Premium ladies’ shoes from Gabor for the fashion-forward woman

Practical and elegant trainers for leisure. Classic shoes or ankle boots for the office. Classy court shoes or over-the-knee boots for dinner invitations. At Gabor, you will find the right shoe for every occasion, every time of day and every season. Wandering around the shops, commuting or hitting the dance floor – high-quality Gabor shoes offer comfort and style all day and all night.

A broad range of colours, carefully selected materials, expert craftsmanship and our special features come together to make perfect ladies’ shoes by Gabor – from toe to heel. Shoe lovers swear by these Gabor features:

  • The old faithful: styles with our Best Fitting feature have three millimetres more width across the ball of the foot to optimise fit.
  • Shoes in our Comfort range are available in widths G (wide) and H (extra wide). That means more room for your toes, instep and the balls of your feet for maximum comfort.
  • Air chamber soles – the original HOVERCRAFT by Gommus – make healthy shoes stylish. The soft padding of the air chamber delivers dreamy cushioning with every step.
  • Interchangeable cushions excel at their dual purposes: in models with the Ultra Flex Air System, ventilation channels regulate air circulation to guarantee fresh feet. Styles with Shock Point feature an additional cushioning element on the heel that your joints will love.
  • Ladies’ shoes made in the Sacchetto style don’t require a midsole. And you won’t miss having it. Quite the opposite: this unique manufacturing process makes exceptionally soft, flexible shoes for guaranteed unbelievable comfort.
  • Our Soft Move feature is equally popular with its wonderfully soft cushioning foam underneath the sock to soften every step.
  • Do you like to have a bit of extra space between your boot upper and leg? Gabor boots are right for you. Pick your desired upper width size from XS to XXL and enjoy a perfect fit.


Trainers are an absolute must-have for fashion lovers. They are comfy and can be stylishly dressed up or down for any occasion: Styles with platform soles work well with trousers, dresses and skirts, as well as business wear. Dad trainers and mum jeans: combine these trendy, chunky trainers and the popular jeans shape for the essence of casual.

High-quality leather is the main material in Gabor trainers. We select this tried-and-tested shoe material for its suppleness and the benefits that it brings. It is breathable, tear-resistant, permeable to water vapour and absorbs moisture. Not to mention, it is both robust and flexible enough to adapt perfectly to each wearer’s foot shape.

When temperatures climb and the paths dry out, it’s time for the joy of rearranging the shoe cupboard for the new season. Under-the-ankle shoes, sandals, court shoes and ballet pumps come to the front.

What do moccasins, slip-ons and lace-ups have in common? They are all under-the-ankle shoes, falling into the ‘shoe’ category in Gabor’s range. They can complete leisure, business and even evening looks.

Fashion-conscious ladies choose airy sandals in summer. They could be trendy wedge sandals, practical walking sandals or playful strappy styles. You can find the right style for every occasion at Gabor.

Sling backs with statement straps or the classic model in black or brown – Gabor court shoes are always popular among the fashion conscious. Our special features give you more room around your toes and the ball of your foot. This prevents pressure points from forming so you can feel great all day.

Ballet pumps have always been a classic and every shoe rack should have a pair. Practical or party wear, you’ll find all kinds of styles for every taste. Selected ballet pumps feature a warm, fabric lining and a subtle heel, making them well suited to autumn and winter wear.


When the temperature drops down towards freezing, if not before, it is time to reach for your Gabor boots and ankle boots.

You will find a diverse range of models in the ankle boot category, from simple ankle boots to Chelsea boots, elegant heeled numbers and statement biker boots. A range of this size offers something for every taste.

As well as the wide range, the choice of upper widths is a particularly beloved feature of the Gabor boot collection. Plus, our boots are mostly made from leather and imitation leather that have passed strict quality assessments. The materials are selected carefully and the craftsmanship is sublime, making Gabor boots the reliable choice for cold weather.

Looking for maximum comfort? You’ll need the right size. The best way to determine this is to use the Gabor size finder. All you need are your personal foot measurements and our handy web-tool will do the rest.

Use your Gabor user account to get to the right shoe even faster: if you have previously shopped with Gabor and have a customer account then your perfect fit will be preselected. That means that you can add your chosen style to your basket and make your purchase immediately.