• Recycled removable insole Sustainable
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Gabor comfort

Sporty boot grey

Full-grain leather
Gabor comfort
Heel style
Block heel
Heel height
7 cm
Microfibre lining
Full-grain leather
Shank height
18 cm
Shoe tip
G (comfort)
1.5 kg
Gabor shoes | Gabor features - Wider tread surface with more volume, the Comfort extra width "G" | © Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim

Added width

Wider tread surface with more volume

  • More volume in the instep area and at the ball of the foot
  • More space for the toes
  • Wider tread surface
  • Width "G" for moderate added width
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Interchangeable footbeds made using recycled materials

It’s like walking on air and they’re resource efficient, too!

  • The cushioning in our interchangeable footbeds is made using recycled materials from our own production processes.
  • The result: All the satisfaction of both added comfort and a focus on sustainability
  • How you benefit: They are easy to remove so you can replace them with your own insoles or enjoy a roomier fit 
Gabor shoes | Gabor equipment  - LWG Responsible Leather | © Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim

Leather from certified tanneries

Working in accordance with the standards of the Leather Working Group (LWG)

  • Gabor is a member of the LWG. Our membership is one way to support responsible leather production all over the world.
  • Almost 100% of the leather used at Gabor comes from suppliers who are certified according to the high standards of the LWG. Environmentally relevant topics such as water, energy and chemicals management are covered as part of the guidelines. 
Gabor shoes | Gabor equipment - Exchangeable footbed | © Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim

Interchangeable shoe cushion

  • Hygienic, thanks to simple removal of the sole
  • Without the shoe cushion, there is more volume in the entire shoe
  • Ideal for your own, individual shoe cushion
  • Comfortable, thanks to additional damping