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feel good. every day.

feel good. every day.

Gabor has been designing rollingsoft shoes for more than 15 years and is constantly developing
the brand in collaboration with experts. Millions of people around the world love wearing rollingsoft

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The Technology

The sole comprises multiple layers, and the cushioned heel ensures a smooth gait. The curved
design creates a softer roll-over for reduced fatigue when walking. The stabiliser supports the arch of
the foot and provides stability.

Gabor shoes | technology of the sole at rollingsoft | © Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim


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Smooth gait, stability, soft roll-over.

rollingsoft can help with minor to moderate health issues such as knee, back or Achilles tendon
problems, bunions or heel spurs. Countless customers have been in touch to tell us how much
rollingsoft has helped them.

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rollingsoft also for men!

Men can also experience the rolling soft feeling of guided roll-off technology, in masculine styles and with proven technology: A stabilizer integrated in the sole guides the roll-off movement and at the same time provides more lateral support. 


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