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Gabor Shoes AG

Gabor’s roots trace back to 1919, when Pius Gabor opened a shoes and leather goods shop in Groß-Strehlitz. This marked the beginning of “loving shoes” and saw the birth of the long-established Gabor brand.

Following a number of historic milestones, the company has now become Gabor Shoes AG. The family-owned private limited company has been based in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria, since 1966. Since July 2023, its Board of Directors has been represented by Stefan Blöchinger (chairman), Peter Bradler and Sascha Negele.

The company has over 100 years’ experience in shoemaking, which is the secret to the success of the outstanding Gabor quality. This can be seen in the excellent fit and high-quality workmanship of the shoes, which are also extremely on trend. Having the highest standards for every pair of shoes has turned this company into the leading manufacturer of high-quality, fashionable women’s footwear.

Today, the Gabor brand is one of the most well-known women’s shoe brands in Germany and many European countries, and has also been successful in Asia, the USA and Australia. In addition to women’s shoes, the manufacturer has also enjoyed success with men’s footwear under the Pius Gabor brand, as well as with the rollingsoft shoe range. The company’s extensive range of footwear is also stylishly complemented by the Gabor bags product line.

The international company has been one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Europe for decades. Gabor shoes have always been developed and designed in Germany, without exception. They are produced predominantly at the company’s own factories in Portugal and Slovakia.

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