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The Gabor men's shoe brand bears the name of the founder. Pius Gabor already started manufacturing shoes in 1919. Thus, we look back on a long tradition – and ignore it to the best of our ability. Because, for us, looking ahead is much more important. We see experience as a steppingstone for progress and not as a pillow for us to rest on our laurels. Competence does not only mean utilising what we've learnt, but also constantly learning new things.


More than ever, genuine values are in demand in these times. Lasting beauty that is not only skin deep. Personality, instead of superficially fancy-schmancy. Sustainability, instead of fast fashion. We are committed to these principles. And we aspire to have you feel these values in every single seam and in every shoelace.


The Pius Gabor brand is based on three basic values:

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Autumn/Winter Pius Gabor Inspirations

Pius Gabor. It simply feels right. For your feet, thanks to the perfect fit. In the soul, with the promise of value and sustainability.


This is how to make shoes

Designing a shoe is an exciting project. Creating a completely new shoe brand – that is the biggest and most amazing task for a team of designers, product experts and production specialists. Everything starts with a sheet of white paper. With all the possibilities of a manufacturer that can look back on 100 years of experience. And with the liberty to think about every step and every single element in a new way.

Everything starts with an idea.

And after days of designing and discarding, of sketching and thinking things through, the bad ideas are separated from the good ones. And then the good ones from the very good ones. The latter are digitised. All others are ignored.

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