December 1, 2021

Shoe trends S/S 2022 - The new Gabor collection

Light-hearted “everyday fashion” is the order of the day in the new season’s shoe styles. A relaxed and casual feel is created by new bright and pastel colours, naturalness and craftsmanship, comfortable footbeds and clean designs.
Gabor press | Current Ladies Collection ss22 | © Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim

Light-hearted “everyday fashion” is the order of the day in the new season’s shoe styles. A relaxed and casual feel is created by new bright and pastel colours, naturalness and craftsmanship, comfortable footbeds and clean designs. Contrast is provided by striking colours, distinctive soles, wide shoelaces, chain links and decorative elements, new square toe shapes and stylistic elements from the hippie era. Sportiness remains a key theme, with a variety of new hiking boot styles to choose from.

In the S/S 2022 collection, sneakers are still the perfect footwear for occasions of all kinds. With a range that provides the perfect mix of premium quality, stylish designs and exceptional wearing comfort, Gabor spares no effort in providing the retail consumer with everything they need in a shoe. The sole design is still essential: Gabor offers a large selection of running, retro and flat sole styles, as well as eye-catching sneakers with bulky soles. A good option for the in-between seasons is the high-top sneaker. White soles are indispensable, although it is also possible to see soles in cream, beige, grey and natural shades that perfectly harmonise with the upper. As regards the upper, white is still an important colour, although harmonious colour combinations or monochrome colours such as cream/white, sand, light grey, denim blue and reed are also in demand.

Open shoes
Gabor has added a lot to its open shoe range. Cork footbeds, bast looks, braided weaves, and soft, braided leather straps create a natural feel. Mules, in particular, are right on trend. Sandals or mules with eye-catching soles or distinctive wide laces guarantee a stylish appearance. New, ultra-functional hiking sandals round off the range. All of Gabor’s sandals and mules boast exceptional comfort with features such as adjustable Velcro uppers, soft, cushioned footbeds, flexible soles and, in some cases, even interchangeable footbeds.

Ballerina pumps, loafers, dandy lace-ups
Loafers are another feature of the S/S 2022 collection: They are perfectly suited to the new trouser styles with their wider, often shortened silhouettes. Gabor boasts models with classic snaffles, perforations, braiding, new decorative elements, leathers in a braided look, or a clean and simple style. Ballerina pumps with soft edging boast a perfect fit, with sporty soles that provide a modern appearance and even greater wearing comfort.

New to the collection are clogs in the typical 70s look, but with modern-day comfort. With their non-slip, wood-effect soles, real studs and traditional colours, they bring to mind the hippie era.
Clog with stud ornamentation and wood-effect sole

Summer boots
For the in-between seasons and cooler summer days, Gabor’s new, light summer boots are the ideal choice. Be it a high-top sneaker or a combat style, they perfectly round off any casual outfit.
Even if current trends are generally sporty and rather unconventional, pumps remain the most stylish combination for many wardrobes and occasions. Gabor is renowned for its exceptional fit when it comes to pumps, and has freshened things up with new materials and colours. 

Overall, the colour palette is bright. Shades of white, cream, ecru and beige, as well as light pastel colours, reflect a casual nonchalance. Greens and browns such as olive, khaki, and cognac add a touch of nature. Various manifestations of blue – from very light to denim or navy – are equally important. Black, too, is a key colour. 

Materials and embellishments
The range of materials in the coming SS season draws on craftsmanship and nature, be it embossed, braided, in a crochet-look, or spruced up with perforations or patterns. High-quality leathers perfectly match the trend. Adornments are used in a more subtle way, emphasising the naturalness of the look through wood, bast, or tortoiseshell effects. As regards open shoes, distinctive big buckles and chain links provide variety. 

For Gabor, sustainability is a big issue. That’s why many of the leathers we use are certified according to environmental standards such as the LWG (Leather Working Group) or EMAS (EU Environmental Management). We also use leathers that have been tanned using DriTan – a process which uses minimal amounts of water, among many other benefits.
As well as this, we use increasing amounts of recycled materials. For example, the cork which is used to make Gabor footbeds and veneers is made 100% from leftover cork. 
Gabor manufactures a large proportion of its shoes in Europe, observing the strict EU environmental regulations, and availing of short transport routes. We already obtain a substantial percentage of the electricity we use from renewable sources such as a sizeable photovoltaic installation at our Gabor production facility in Portugal.

Gabor prides itself on fashionable shoes that are exceptionally comfortable. As well as specially selected, supple upper materials and a soft, padded insole, functional, interchangeable footbeds and shock-absorbing outsoles – even in the elegant city range – ensure outstanding wearing comfort. Even Gabor’s high-heeled shoes, sandals and mules often feature interchangeable footbeds. Special shoe constructions such as sacchetto or moccasin are exceptionally comfortable and highly flexible. Models with air cell soles (based on the hovercraft principle) ensure even greater comfort and an improved feel. Gabor pumps also boast a further design feature with their Soft & Smart system. Here, the insole has soft padding from the heel to the toes, with extra cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot.

Gabor aims to be able to offer a perfectly fitting shoe for every woman and every foot. That’s why we offer shoes in different widths (F / G / H) and also in larger sizes up to size 11 (46). We also boast a unique “Best Fitting” fit concept. Here, for the standard ball width (F), the tread area has been widened, thus providing more comfort for the forefoot.

With their specially developed natural running sole, rollingsoft shoes combine the benefits of rocker-bottom shoes with exceptional flexibility. Rollingsoft shoes come in a sporty design and new, on-trend colours. They are ultra light, feature a high-quality leather finish, and interchangeable footbeds. Rollingsoft’s unique technology is available in shoe styles ranging from sneakers to sandals, through to ballerina pumps. New to the range are sturdy hiking styles with an anti-slip tread, which are also available with original Gore-Tex features.