January 3, 2024

Shoe trends for S/S 2024 – the new Gabor collections

Fresh, bold colours and added elegance are the watchwords for women’s shoes in S/S 2024. While athletic styles continue to occupy an important role, there is also increased demand for modern takes on business shoes and footwear for special occasions. Orange, apple green, flame red, purple and cobalt blue are the new power shades.

In its new collections for S/S 2024, Gabor once again launches a whole range of thrilling new features, while staying true to its brand philosophy of delivering high-quality, comfortable shoes that are right on trend, ensuring wearers can step out in style. 

Gabor shoes are made largely in Europe using responsible methods and consist of high-quality materials: the opposite of fast fashion, they embody a sense of quality that wearers will cherish for years to come. Gabor uses leather, a natural material, in many products owing to its durability, excellent quality and breathability, and employs production methods that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Reflecting this, the majority of the leather it uses comes from tanneries that are certified to recognised standards. Gabor also uses sustainable components, such as interchangeable footbeds containing high percentages of recycled material and natural cork veneers. 
Shoe types
Loafers and slip-ons
Preppy-style loafers and slip-ons are having a moment this season. Gabor has significantly expanded its already successful range of these styles. Included in the collection are some statement soles, and many of the products feature accessories such as large decorative elements or leather straps. However, cleaner looks are also available in the range. Classic loafers have thinner soles and come with leather trim, snaffles or tassels – the go-to for this shoe style. The new square shapes and dégradé-effect heels are right on trend.

Trainers and slip-ons
In S/S 2024, trainers will continue to hold their place as a must-have for a whole variety of occasions. Gabor customers will fall in love with a range in which outstanding quality, fashion-forward looks and exceptional comfort work in perfect harmony. Athletic-style trainers, moulded soles and retro models are all available to choose from. 

Trainers in power shades create a crisp, fresh impact, while more muted shades of light and natural colours make for a classic choice. All-white trainers remain a key trend.

Yet more details can be found in raised soles at the heel, statement laces in different colours and round laces. 
Elastic laces, knit uppers and zips make it easier to step into the shoe, while interchangeable footbeds and slight wedge shapes in some styles deliver added functional features. 

Ballet pumps
Ballet pumps are back in vogue. Their flexible edging allows them to adapt perfectly to the foot, and sporty soles lend them not only an up-to-date look, but also added comfort. A small amount of drop is built into Gabor ballet pumps to make them easier on the wearer, and some models feature heels. 

Court shoes and slingbacks
As more of us have returned to office life and found our calendars peppered with special occasions once again, demand for more elegant shoe styles has been on the rise. Open styles and buckled models are especially popular choices of court shoe. Known for its outstanding fit, Gabor delivers fresh looks with new materials, shapes and colours. 

Alongside power shades, colours such as black, blue and beige remain indispensable classics. Bejewelled looks and glitter are also in-demand additions to these styles. A wide range of heels are available, from block to narrow styles in a variety of heights. 

Open shoes
Even open styles – including sandals, mules and clogs – are seeing a shift in favour of more elegance. Closed heel pockets keep shoes more reliably in place and create an intriguing silhouette. 

Athletic styles continue to be a dominant force, however, and a variety of sole designs are available, from air-cushioned, trainer and hiking styles to chunky platforms – with or without a heel – and wedges. 
Gabor delivers outstanding comfort in each and every one of its sandal and mule styles – with features such as adjustable Velcro fastenings, soft cushioning underfoot, flexible soles and even interchangeable footbeds in some cases.

The variety available in Gabor’s range of mules is also huge, with bold shades available alongside harmonious colour combinations, natural tones and classic black or white. 

New flats, accentuated soles and heel options create added variety, as do the new square shapes. Combining organically sourced footbeds made from real cork with sophisticated upper designs creates a real fashion statement. 

Mules featuring Velcro fastenings ensure the perfect fit for wider and narrower feet alike.

The collections are bursting with even more colour thanks to this season’s on-trend shades: orange, apple green, flame red, purple and cobalt blue. Pink continues to maintain its dominant position. 
Natural shades such as cream, beige, khaki, olive and brown, plus bright pastels, create an easy-going, casual feel. 
White, dark blue and black are the biggest colours in terms of quantity. 

Decorative elements
The collections are adorned with a range of decorative elements to suit different types of shoe: Loafers and ballet pumps often feature chunky chain details as well as leather straps and loops, plus large buckles – all elements that can also be found in open styles. Tassels and cords are frequent additions to loafers, while bold or round laces add that little extra something to trainers.

Materials and sustainability
Sustainability matters deeply to Gabor. That’s why much of the leather we use is certified to environmental standards set by the LWG (Leather Working Group) or EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), for example. We also use DriTan leather, whose environmental credentials include extremely low water consumption.
In addition, Gabor is increasingly turning to recycled materials – the cork used in our footbeds and veneers comes from 100% recycled sources, for instance. Additionally, Gabor frequently uses interchangeable footbeds with a high percentage of recycled material. 
Gabor manufactures a large proportion of its shoes in Europe, observing the EU’s strict environmental regulations, and uses transport routes that are as short as possible. We already obtain a substantial percentage of the electricity we use from renewable sources, such as sizeable photovoltaic installations at our production facilities in Portugal and Slovakia.
Gabor interchangeable footbed made from recycled material

Gabor prides itself on fashionable shoes that are exceptionally comfortable. In addition to specially selected, supple upper materials and a soft, padded insole, functional interchangeable footbeds and shock-absorbing outsoles – also provided in the elegant city range – ensure outstanding wear comfort. Even Gabor’s high-heeled shoes, sandals and mules often feature interchangeable footbeds.

Special shoe constructions such as Sacchetto or moccasin are exceptionally comfortable and highly flexible. Models with air cell soles (based on the Hovercraft principle) ensure even greater comfort and an improved feel. 

Gabor pumps also boast a further design feature with their Soft & Smart system: in this case, the insole has soft padding from the heel to the toes, with extra cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot.

Gabor aims to provide a perfectly fitting shoe for every woman and every foot. That’s why we offer shoes in different widths (F/G/H) and in larger sizes up to 11 (46). 
Models in the extremely comfortable extra width size, K, are new additions to the Gabor range.

We also boast a unique “Best Fitting” fit concept: in this case, the tread area has been widened for the standard ball width (F), providing more comfort for the forefoot.

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