August 1, 2023

Men’s shoe trends in autumn/winter 2023: The new Pius Gabor Collection

For the new autumn/winter season, Pius Gabor will be presenting men’s shoes that stand for individuality and value.

For the new autumn/winter season, Pius Gabor will be presenting men’s shoes that stand for individuality and value. The brand remains true to its principles, and utilises its experience to constantly evolve. The result is robust and stylish footwear for the grown-up, down-to-earth man.  

High-quality materials, the very best manufacturing quality and a particular degree of comfort when worn form the basis of every collection. Functional features – such as Gore Tex, Super Flex soles or latex footbeds – ensure maximum performance at all times. 

Great importance continues to be attached to the issue of sustainability: the majority of the upper leathers used are LWG-certified. The packaging is 100% plastic-free and completely recyclable. The midsoles – made from recycled cork throughout – provide excellent thermal insulation. 

Pius Gabor shoes are available in UK half sizes from sizes 6 to 14 (roughly corresponds to European sizes 39 to 49.5). 

The new A/W collection is characterised by the trend towards natural tones, sustainability and genuine craftsmanship. Fashion is now also clearly shifting towards casual chic: elegant sneakers and boots create a sophisticated yet comfortable city look. Furthermore, themes such as urban hiking and trendy street fashion continue to serve as a source of inspiration.
In autumn and winter, it is time for life and nature come to rest – which is exactly what the colours and designs reflect. Different shades of brown are reminiscent of autumn leaves, and speak for that sense of proximity to nature, and a spirit of down-to-earthness. A greater use of light colours – especially sand shades – bring some warmth into the cold season. Eye-catching accents are set by colourful details in orange, blue or green.
The focus is on quality, a timeless design and durability – especially in the spirit of sustainability – in order to conserve resources: “Slow Fashion” at its finest. 


Casual Chic
When elegance and casualness unite, the urban attitude to life becomes clear. Many boots come in classy, light colours and beautiful suede. The popular Chelsea boots round off both a suit and a stylish casual look. Sneakers are also an integral part of fashionable casual outfits – suitable for both business and leisure. With non-slip rubber soles and high-quality smooth leather, they are a good alternative to suit shoes. New to the range: moccasins. The low shoes are back in fashion, and can be worn just like lace-up shoes to suit any occasion.
Street Fashion
Cool, sporty and modern – that’s how boots and sneakers make an entrance in the trendy fashion sector. Robust lace-up boots made of smooth leather, or sneakers with fashionable material and colour combinations free you from prevailing conventions and leave room for individual styles to develop. In A/W 23, casual sneakers with wide shell soles stand out – monochrome designs with side zips combine elegance with comfort. A tribute to the sporty college look.
Urban Hiking
It’s still a significant theme: urban street style with a real tendency towards outdoor shoes. Being close to nature is also appreciated in the colder months, which is why the autumn and winter boots impress all with functional features. Soft wool lining and Gore-Tex membrane guarantee warm and dry feet in cold and wet weather. High-tech soles with “Extra Grip” are particularly slip-resistant, and thus the perfect answer to icy roads. Elasticated straps or side zips, even on sneakers, make putting them on super easy.   

For the most part, Pius Gabor uses certified and high-quality leathers from Portugal and Italy. Suitable for all weather conditions, the boots and sneakers are available with two different lining options: microfibre and wool lining. 
This season, a new suede really stands out, which looks even more refined thanks to a higher oil content. Soft smooth leather, on the other hand, is particularly resistant, and beautiful nubuck underlines the natural look of the shoes. Mixing with different materials or textiles creates a casual / sporty look. Here, canvas forms an exciting contrast to the robust leather. 

It is a truly special feeling to wear Pius Gabor. This is achieved through high-quality materials, special features and innovative sole designs: 

Floors & Soles 
In winter, too, the focus is on soles, with the proprietary concept developed in-house. Special TR compounds with different shore hardnesses lead to a completely new roll characteristic, and give the wearer “extra grip” in a wide range of ground conditions, such as ice and snow. Soles with multiple components and lateral grooving make the shoe incredibly flexible whilst simultaneously providing shock absorption. At Pius Gabor, these are called “Super Flex”, and are marked with their own hangtag. 

Gore-Tex membranes are used all year round at Pius Gabor. This makes the shoes permanently waterproof and yet breathable. This guarantees first-class comfort for the wearer – a good feeling around the foot is especially important in wet and cold temperatures.
Exchangeable footbed  
All Pius Gabor shoes have an exchangeable footbed. The benefits: this solution is hygienic, practical and comfortable. Very often, a special latex foam is used, which provides optimal cushioning and has a moisture-regulating effect thanks to a microfibre cover. 
Sustainability upon second glance: an additional cork layer is processed under the insole. This is obtained from the remains of cork barks from bottle cork production. The recycled material, therefore, saves on resource and, at the same time, ensures a pleasant, natural feeling around the foot. It is also heat- and cold-insulating, making it perfect for shoe production.

Pius Gabor opposes fast fashion, and leads the way in sensible and sustainable shoe production. Compliance with strict standards for processing materials is just as much a matter of course as our commitment to society and nature conservation. The majority of the upper leathers used were certified by the LWG (Leather Working Group). Durability combined with fashionable designs and consistent use of resource-saving materials are all proof that the company has its finger firmly on the pulse.