Animal protection

Animals are sentient creatures worthy of protection, and we believe that their welfare and diversity must be preserved. Hence, animal welfare is an important and serious concern for us and, accordingly, is anchored in our Code of Conduct. Link: You can find out more about our Code of Conduct here.
We only use animal skins that are a by-product of meat production for our shoes. We also completely avoid using reptile leather or leather from other endangered animal species. Apart from lambskin, we also do not use any furs that come from animals. Without exception, our shoes with eye-catching snake prints, a zebra pattern or similar unusual patterns are replicas.
Gabor exclusively purchases its leathers from renowned companies, most of them from Italy. All our Italian leather suppliers are affiliated to the tanner association UNIC, which imposes high standards and norms. This naturally includes compliance with all legal regulations, including those relating to the keeping, slaughter and transport of animals.

Here, you can find more about the origin of our leather.

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