Gabor marketplace principle - We support stationary trade

Online shopping with a clear conscience

Shopping in the digital age confronts us with many questions, also including some ethical and moral ones. What happens to local retailers? How will our city centres develop when growing numbers of people have to shop online and shops have to close as a result? What could a responsible approach to e-shopping look like?

We have asked ourselves these questions and found an answer with the Gabor online shop. It is based on the marketplace principle: Local shoe retailers are integrated into our online shop. This means the following: if you want to shop conveniently on the Internet, while simultaneously appreciate having your local shoe retailer, the Gabor Online Shop is the right address for you.

What does this mean? When you place an order at – whenever possible – the most closely-located Gabor dealer will deliver. This way, online shopping at also supports the local specialist trade and contributes to keeping our town centres vibrant and worth living in.

Another advantage for customers is the enormous selection that is on offer in the official Gabor online shop. More than 3,000 different shoes, available in a wide range of colours and materials, are already found online. This is possible because a large number of retailers are already participating in the Gabor marketplace - and new ones are constantly joining.

Needless to say, we at Gabor send our shoes without any shipping costs, and we also take them back again.

Avoid returns - for the sake of our environment

However, for the sake of the environment, we kindly ask you to order shoes with care and avoid unnecessary returns.