Campaign images S/S 2022

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Yvonne Catterfeld is our new brand ambassador for Gabor in spring / summer 22. Our trading partners are welcome to use appropriate campaign material. As we have to strictly observe the terms of use and corporate design guidelines for these and all other image data, we are unfortunately unable to offer you the images for download here, but you can request them by e-mail via .

Please send us the following information:
- Image name (see images blow)
- Exact dimension (width x height in mm or pixel)
- Intended use / application channel

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Campaign Images Gabor


Motiv 1_Artikel 84.710.22


Motiv 2_Artikel 84.531.18


Motiv 3_Artikel 82.796.27


Motiv 4_Artikel 84.711.27


Motiv 5_Artikel 83.471.16


Motiv 6_Artikel 86.366.55

Campaign Images rollingsoft / women

rollingsoft Damen

rollingsoft_Artikel 86.989.40

rollingsoft Damen

rollingsoft Explosion

Campaign Images rollingsoft / men

rollingsoft_Herren_Artikel 8001.10.04

rollingsoft Herren Explosion

Campaign Images Pius Gabor

Artikel 0138.15.01

Artikel 0460.18.01

Artikel 1007.11.03

Artikel 1023.10.01

Artikel 1037.10.02