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20. August 2019

Shoe trends S/S 2020 – The new Gabor collection

Shoe trends S/S 2020 – The new Gabor collection

In its new collection for S/S 2020, Gabor once again has an enormous range of shoes for every occasion. The ladies' shoe specialist is offering 400 models in 3000 varieties –from sporty sneakers to elegant pumps –for the various customers, target groups and countries. There is a particular focus on the trend topic of sneakers in a huge range of varieties.

Fashionable highlights, unusual materials and feminine details give the entire collection a fresh, modern look. But for all the new innovations, Gabor remains true to its key strengths: perfect fit and optimum wearing comfort.


Shoe types


Sneakers have become an integral part of life that just runs and runs. Now Gabor has expanded its range even further. There are sneakers with new cup soles, with running soles, wedge sneakers, and with especially striking bulky soles. As well as the many white soles, soles with various colour accents are a common sight. In retro-style models, soles in natural colours are also used. For uppers, too, white remains a key colour, sometimes combined with accent colours. Bright colour combinations and strong single colours are also in demand.

Open-toed shoes

In open-toed shoes, the range of moulded sandals is being expanded even more. Sandals with sometimes very striking sneaker soles are a new addition. Feminine shafts on sporty soles create a deliberate contrast. The range of sandalettes with replaceable insoles has been expanded.

Ballerinas, loafers, dandy lace-ups

Gabor is expanding its range of ballerinas particularly in sporty varieties. Loafers are decorated with sometimes striking designs and ribbons. The soft edge makes them even more comfortable to wear and give them a perfect fit. New colours, such as light terra cotta and coral shades, create a fresh look. Dandy lace-ups are seen in classic forms and with super soft and light EVA soles.


Super-comfortable models with air cushions in the plateau sole are new additions to the pumps range. The range of open-jointed pumps is being expanded. Buckled pumps are also in demand. Slingbacks are seeing more decoration and are often flat.


Colours and patterns

White sneakers remain strong, sometimes combined with colour accents. Blue is the most important colour, with red, yellow and orange also key. Bright colour combinations, neon accents and pastel combinations are in. Nautical combinations are a popular colour theme. Animal patterns remain a strong theme –leopard print looks are joined in the trend by striking new snake materials and zebra.


Colours shine especially brightly on full-grain leather, while a sophisticated finish gives smooth leather a lively look. Sneakers are usually made from leather, but also from textile materials, mesh and knitted materials.


Key decorative elements include large bows, decorative buckles and acrylic adornments. Eyelets and laces remain an important decorative element on sneakers. Ribbons and elastic are sometimes striped, have wording decorations or are made from acrylic. Linen-look decorations are a popular decorative element in open-toed shoes in particular.


Outsoles remain a key design element in sneakers and sandalettes. Bulky sneakers have now become mainstream, and those from Gabor are still very suitable for everyday wear. Soles with coloured stripes or blocks create a fresh look. Plateau soles are seen with colourfully covered wedges or in an artisan ethnic look. Pumps with particularly soft cushioning create a wearing feel that has only been seen in sneakers in the past.


Gabor offers fashionable shoes with especially high wearing comfort. As well as selected, supple upper materials and a soft, upholstered inner, functional removable insoles and shock-absorbing outsoles provide unlimited wearing comfort even in the more elegant city segment. Gabor even offers removable soles in many of its heeled shoes. Special techniques, such as sacchetto or mocassin, provide particular wearing comfort and high flexibility. Based on the hovercraft principle, models with air chamber soles improve both fit and comfort. Another feature offered by Gabor is pumps with the Soft&Smart principle: The cover sole is softly upholstered from the heel to the toes and equipped with additional padding in the heel and ball areas.


Gabor aims to offer the ideal fit for every woman and every foot. That is why Gabor shoes are available in different widths (F / G / H) and in large sizes up to 11 (46).The Best-Fitting fit concept is a special feature of Gabor shoes, expanding the tread surface even in the normal ball width (F) to provide more space and comfort for the forefoot area.

rollingsoft sensitive

With their specially-developed Natural Running base, rollingsoft sensitive shoes combine the advantages of a rocker bottom sole with perfect flexibility. Rollingsoft sensitive are available in a very sporty design in the new trend colours. They are light as a feather, with premium leather features and removable insoles. Particularly striking soles are new. As well as a wide range of sneakers, rollingsoft also offers sandalettes with its special sole technology

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