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10. February 2017

Shoe Trends Autumn/Winter 2017: The New Gabor Collection

Schuhtrends H/W 2017 – Die neue Gabor Kollektion

The shoe manufacturer Gabor is a specialist in fashionable, highly comfortable ladies’ footwear. The new collections for A/W 2017 consist of around 3,000 different products and reflect the current trends in shoe fashion – Gabor has particularly focused on very good price-performance ratios.

Types of footwear

The sneaker boom will continue and this is why Gabor has further extended its program of sporty shoes. Never before has there been so much choice in an A/W collection than this year.

Customers, however, are also targeting less sporty models. Therefore Gabor is able to offer many new items in the street footwear range too. Ankle boots still remain the most important product group, but there is also a large choice of boots in the medium shaft length ranges, and in the pumps, loafers and ballerina range.

Heels tend to stay flat to medium high, although turned out block heels are on trendy. Some sneakers get some centimeters of height with new sole designs and inner wedges. Covered and layered heels are also a strong theme.

Soft upper materials are a must in the Gabor collection. Smooth leather, often with a metallic, shimmering effect, features more often again. Lavish velvet and textile materials or felt are new. Stretch materials are up and coming, be it in the form of stretch leather, in a felt look or in textile.

Decorations and applications
Functional or decorative zippers are an important theme. Studs often make an appearance. Weave elements or embroideries emphasize a handcrafted character or provide a deliberate contrast on sneakers.

Black is once again the most important color. Gray and blue as well as muddy tones also play a big role as well as metallic leathers kept dark in bronze or old silver.

Gabor’s palette of comfortable features is diverse: Hovercraft soles, which offer especially soft tread due to their air pockets, are used for boots, pumps, ballerina and college ranges. They are now also available with a plateau. Sacchetto and genuine moccasin styles ensure special softness and flexibility.

Pumps with flexible insoles ensure an especially light tread and flexible rolling.

Shoes with the “Soft Move” insole are fitted with special foam, which noticeably reduces the pressure on the particularly stressed points of the heel and ball of the foot. A side stabilizer, which is integrated into the insole, brings additional comfort.

Many shoes, even in the elegant range, are fitted with a removable insole, which once again noticeably improves comfort and cushioning of the footstep.

Gabor's aspiration is to provide the best fitting shoe for every women and every foot. Therefore Gabor footwear comes in various widths (F / G / H) and also in over-sizes up to size 11 (46).

One special feature is the fitting concept “Best-Fitting”. Here the contact surface has been widened for the normal ball width (F), which ensures additional space and greater comfort in the front foot area.

Furthermore, Gabor is known for its shaft width concept for boots with long calves. At Gabor, women with very slim calves will find boots to fit, just like women with sporty calves, because the range extends from narrow shaft to XL super wide shaft boots.

Rollingsoft sensitive
With a specially developed “Natural Running” base, the rollingsoft sensitive shoes have successfully combined the advantages of the rolling sole with perfect flexibility for years: Independently movable sole elements give the foot the greatest freedom of movement. Rollingsoft sensitive comes in new, sporty designs and is light as a feather. They feature high quality leather interiors and changeable insoles.

Gabor sport
The Gabor sport collection, which was successfully introduced in the spring of this year, has been extended. In this way Gabor has not only coordinated the colors of the soles and the upper materials to suit winter, but there are also various new developments, such as the Trekking-Booties with Gore Tex membrane. With its “Dynamic Technology” and “Anatomic System” lines, Gabor sport offers various concepts for different requirements.

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