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27. September 2016

Gabor a premier family business

The Foundation for Family Businesses has named Gabor Shoes AG one of the most significant family businesses in Germany, awarding it the “Königsklasse” seal. The award is based on the company's key economic performance data, which was analysed by academic institutions over a period of ten years.

Family companies play a particularly important role in Germany, accounting for more than 60% of jobs.

Achim Gabor, who is the second generation to manage the company, which was founded in 1949, is delighted with the award, and considers the structure of the business a major advantage. “As a family company, we have no obligation to prove ourselves to the capital markets every quarter. That means we can act for the long term, to benefit our customers and staff.”

Achim Gabor is the second generation to manage the successful family business.

Award certificate for Gabor Shoes AG: “Premier German family business”

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