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10. February 2017

Shoe Trends Autumn/Winter 2017: The New Gabor Collection

The shoe manufacturer Gabor is a specialist in fashionable, highly comfortable ladies’ footwear. The new collections for A/W 2017 consist of around 3,000 different products and reflect the current trends in shoe fashion – Gabor has particularly focused on very good price-performance ratios.

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02. January 2017

Shoe Trends S/S 2017 – The New Gabor Collection

The new Gabor collection for S/S 2017 is characterised by lightness and sportiness. The attributes “soft” and “light” are a recurring theme running through the entire collection. In both sporty types and more elegant shoes, the focus is on strong soles that still remain light as a feather thanks to innovative lightweight foam materials.

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Gabor a premier family business 27. September 2016

Gabor a premier family business

The Foundation for Family Businesses has named Gabor Shoes AG one of the most significant family businesses in Germany, awarding it the “Königsklasse” seal. The award is based on the company's key economic performance data, which was analysed by academic institutions over a period of ten years.


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Gabor produces its 300 millionth pair 16. September 2016

Gabor produces its 300 millionth pair

1st September was a momentous day: The 300 millionth pair of Gabor shoes left the production line at the company's plant in Banovce, Slovakia.

If all the shoes sold since the company was founded were placed end to end, the line would reach four and a half times around the world. Or to put it another way, every single day of the last 67 years has seen more than 12,000 women choose a new pair of Gabor shoes. That makes the traditional brand one of Europe's most significant shoe brands.

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