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Removable footbed for the feel-good factor.

For a perfect fit and comfort for healthy feet.

Removable inner soles are available from Gabor in two varieties: Particularly light and comfortable in leather or made of high-tech material with the Ultra Flex Air System. The Ultra Flex Air System features air ducts providing regulated ventilation and a fresh climate for the foot. Some models feature the Shock Point, an additional cushioning element at the heels for singularly joint-friendly walk.

Removable inner soles can be removed for airing and washing. Removable inner soles are particularly beneficial for those using orthopaedic supports, as the existing inner sole can simply be replaced by the support. Thus, shoes will not be too narrow when using orthopaedic supports.

  • HYGIENIC - Easy to remove for cleaning and airing
  • PRACTICAL - Without footbed: more overall space in the shoe
  • COMFORTABLE - Additional shockabsorption for the foot
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