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Comfortable To Wear

Feel comfortable as soon as you try them on

You have to feel comfortable when you first try them on. Both with regard to the fit and also the look. Shoes should give pleasure. The decisive factor for comfort is the workmanship in combination with the outsole. Starting with shoes that are characterised by particularly supple leather, the range of features at Gabor encompasses highly flexible latex and multi-component soles, shock-absorbing air chamber soles, exchangeable insoles and much more.

Comfort for every “foot type”

The Gabor shoe designers prefer soft materials that provide good functionality with high comfort in wear. An example of this is unlined shoes where the upper is perfectly fitted to the foot and moisture escapes via the breathable upper leather. In addition, intelligent, flexible feature details such as elastic gussets, lacing, stretch inserts or Velcro fasteners provide high functionality and optimum fit.

A further aid to finding the most comfortable shoe at Gabor is provided, alongside shoe size, by the three different widths. “F” stands for the so-called standard width, “G” and “H” take into consideration additional requirements for ball girth and toe room.

Best Fitting is a further fit variant which provides more room in the forefoot area for standard width wearers.