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It is our conviction that companies have a responsibility for the environment, society and health. As a company operating worldwide we take this responsibility nationally as well as internationally.


The survey “With a clear Conscience“ has been carried out for the second time on behalf of the German magazine “Focus Money“. Consumers evaluated 1.000 brands from 55 different market sectors and subsequent product categories, the assessment criteria being economic, ecologic and social responsibility. 17,000 German citizens participated in this representative survey.

For companies economic responsibility helps to guarantee the economic success and to secure jobs as well as to be able to subsidize social tasks.

Ecological responsibility requires companies to take responsibility for the environment.

Social responsibility requires a company’s commitment to the human race and to the community.

Within the context of these surveys the brand Gabor has already been credited twice with an award in the category “shoes“. Gabor received the sustainability award “With a clear Conscience“ for 2014 and 2015.


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