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Our business is part of society. We benefit from the facilities and structures that we find there. It is therefore our duty in return to take responsibility towards society and our employees.

Gabor as an employer

We give more than 3,300 employees in our own factories in the EU a job and their families an income. At the same time we also offer people with low qualifications, migrants and people with learning difficulties a fair chance.

As a family-run company we identify with our business and attach importance to respectful cooperation based on trust. We would like to share our passion for what we do with our employees. Therefore we take responsibility for our workforce and build on long-term ties.

Gabor offers its employees in addition preventive measures and health promotion, such as for example back therapy training, first aid courses or stop-smoking programmes.

  • Gabor Bánovce was awarded the prestigious “Safe Company” title by the Slovakian Ministry of Labour, Social Matters and Family. The following areas were audited and assessed in the company: occupational safety, protection of health, fire safety regulations and environmental protection.

  • The Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded the chairman Achim Gabor the "Ehrenzeichen" order of merit for many years of commendable dedication regarding the self-administration of the economy as well as for special distinguished services in the Upper Bavarian economy.

  • Gabor supports athletic activities of its staff. Here at the corporate challenge in Geitau, Upper Bavaria, Germany.

  • Recognition for employees with long service, initial and continuing vocational training

  • Health and Safety: measuring noise levels in the Gabor factory

  • Deaf-mute employee in the Gabor factory (with supervisor)

  • Prevention: first aid course for Gabor employees

  • Staff meeting in the works canteen

Bild von der Verleihung des „Familienlöwen“

Gabor named as a particularly family friendly company

Gabor Shoes AG, Rosenheim, was named as a particularly family friendly firm in its region with the “Family Lion”. Gabor won in the category for large companies with more than 100 employees.

The award ceremony attended by numerous representatives from the regional economy, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and politics took place in beautiful surroundings at the host Marc O’Polo who won this award two years ago.

Gabor was one of a total of eight companies that had achieved it in the close vote. Crucial for the victory were the many and individual part-time models that make it particularly easier for mothers at Gabor to come back to a career, but can also be used to enable a smooth transition to retirement. The jury were also convinced by the consistent whole package, e.g. the outstanding training opportunities, health management, pleasant and air-conditioned workplaces or appealing break rooms.


The majority of our new blood has also been trained at Gabor. Each year we give many young people an apprenticeship and a prospect of professional advancement. Since it was founded, more than 2,500 apprentices worldwide have successfully completed their training at Gabor.

The quota of trainees at the company headquarters in Rosenheim is more than 10 %. We regularly take on our trainees on permanent contracts. Even in the upper management levels there are many former trainees. 60 % of the employees in the head office in Rosenheim have in fact successfully completed an apprenticeship in the company.

  • It has been a long tradition at Gabor´s to train apprentices. This year we also offer exciting vocational prospects for young people.

  • On our apprenticeship website you can find out about the professions which can be learned at Gabor´s, what our apprentices say about their training and gain an insight what else is happening during the apprenticeship at Gabor´s.

  • How a shoe is created: Gabor´s apprentices.


What Gabor demands from itself we also expect from our suppliers. With a “Code of Conduct”, as it is referred to internationally, laid down in writing all suppliers, sub-suppliers and licensees are bound to verifiably meet the requirements of the ILO (International Labor Organization).

The Code of Conduct governs

  • freedom of employment – prohibition of forced labour,
  • freedom of association and collective bargaining,
  • exclusion of child labour,
  • prohibition of discrimination,
  • appropriate reward and professional advancement,
  • health and safety at work,
  • regulated working hours
  • environmental protection
  • animal protection.

    Regular and unannounced controls and checks by technicians on site abroad monitor the observance of the “Code of Conduct”. At the same time these technicians also inspect the manufacturing specifications and quality guidelines.


Even though as a company Gabor is active worldwide, the interests of our local regions are close to our hearts. In the spirit of sustainable development of the regions in which we work Gabor sponsors projects and facilities.

These include among other things facilities for the disabled, hospital facilities or cancer advice centres. At our Rosenheim company headquarters we have been supporting disabled sportsmen and women. They have meanwhile been able to achieve considerable success internationally and in 2012 took part in the Special Olympics.

  • Handing over a donation to disabled basketball players

  • Special Olympics basketball team with Paul Breitner

  • Donation of a disability-adapted vehicle

  • Geschenk mit Herz (Gift with Love): one of the many thank-you images.

  • Gabor is an official partner of the Salzburg Festival.

  • Gabor also provides shoes for the Salzburg Festival Company.

  • Gabor has been supporting the Rosenheim Carnival Guard for more than 40 years.

  • Handing over boots by Gabor to the Rosenheim Carnival Guard.


Art and culture influence and shape the founding principles of the life of society and are of great importance for our co-existence. They promote the diversity and self-image of people around the world.

Therefore Gabor acts as a promoter of cultural projects. In this function we act among other things as an official partner of the Salzburg Festival and have for decades been supporting the Rosenheim Carnival Guard.


We attach great importance to the social significance of grassroots sport as sport helps to transmit the basic values of social interaction and co-existence. This also includes tolerance and respect towards others, camaraderie, fairness and helpfulness as well as accepting and observing rules and testing one’s own limits. In particular grassroots sport keeps many young people grounded and gives them guidance in life.

So Gabor involves itself in various associations and facilities. We are an official supplier of the Slovakian Olympic team and  we also promote grassroots sport such as amateur football and hockey sections. Moreover we are sponsors of the Gabor Halle named after us which as a multi-purpose hall offers space for various sporting and cultural events. The city of Rosenheim makes the hall available to its sports associations and school sports.

  • Support of grassroots sport: sponsor of the Gabor Halle Rosenheim named after the company

  • Since 2000 we have regularly supplied the Slovakian Olympic team for every Olympiad.