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Our company’s products involve professionally processed shoes made of high-quality materials manufactured in accordance with the recognised standards of good practice by our qualified employees. In the manufacture and processing of these products all relevant statutory requirements have been observed. Our internal standards often go beyond what is required by law.


Gabor is a co-founder of cads and thus in the forefront in the sector. Gabor’s technical management is at the same time the management of cads.

The cooperation for assuring defined standards for shoe- and leathergoods production has set itself the goal of giving manufacturers and suppliers the necessary knowledge to avoid harmful substances in the manufacture of shoes and leather goods.

An interview with our technical director can be found here (PDF - 112kb).


Our company’s products involve professionally produced shoes consisting of high-quality materials that have been manufactured in accordance with the generally accepted rules of technology by our qualified employees. 
In the manufacture and processing of these products all relevant statutory requirements have been observed.

The following are in particular taken into account:

  • European Directive 1976/769/EEC relating to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations (in Germany Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance),
  • the German Consumer Goods Ordinance and the permissible limits contained in it and the requirements with regard to labelling,
  • the Federal Immission Control Act,
  • the CFC and Halons Prohibition Ordinance,
  • the Packaging Ordinance
  • observance of the recommendations of the BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)

Already during selection, materials and components to be processed are subjected to comprehensive tests and testing procedures. These enable a systematic quality assurance system and ensure the observance of admissible limits. In accordance with our own standard we still as a rule clearly fall below the limits. For this Gabor also works with external testing laboratories in Germany and Switzerland, such as for example the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens, TUV Rheinland or STR AG in Switzerland. The results are all documented and archived in a database.


At Gabor monitoring harmful substances is laid down in a written procedure. It includes both the systematic evaluation of our suppliers and the detailed sequence of physical and chemical tests.

These tests are carried out before, during and after production. In the process not only are the leathers tested but also all other materials and trimmings used for the production of our shoes. The process also covers ready-made shoes, uppers and licensed products.


In its own internal standards Gabor goes beyond what is required by law. Thus for reasons of allergy prevention direct skin contact would be perfectly permissible by law.

Nickel-free material is mostly more expensive that products that contain nickel. For Gabor that means increased costs of several thousand euros annually. But the health of our customers is worth the money for us.