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Experience a new form of movement

The innovative casual shoe for fitness, wellness and well-being! The benefits of a rollingsoft shoe combined with the particularly flexible sole: rollingsoft sensitive by Gabor unites freedom of movement and lateral stability – for a unique walking experience, with an elegant, sporty design. Experience it for yourself!

Extra light Particularly flexible Natural rolling off

Rolling off shoes: this is how it works

Rollingsoft sensitive by Gabor: every step adds to your feeling of well-being! The super light multi-layer sole is incorporated as a stabiliser underneath the foot arch. It optimally guides and supports the rolling off motion. Here, lateral notches guarantee the highest possible flexibility. Experience the feeling of floating!


For a guided rolling off motion and improved lateral stability.


With lateral and cross notches for flexibility in all directions.


For additional climate regulation, permanently elastic.


Made of genuine leather with soft foam layer.


Shock-absorbing damping foam with pimpled texture.

rollingsoft highlights

Discover the highlights of our rollingsoft sensitive collection and experience the unique flexibility of a rollingsoft shoe.

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